Vitamin A (BP)10,000 IU/cap (20  Soft Gel Caps Pack)

  • Contributes to Normal Function of Immune System & Normal Vision

Vitamin A provides a rich source of fat-soluble vitamin important for many biological and biochemical systems of the body. Vitamin A also supports cell growth and differentiation, playing a critical role in the normal formation and maintenance of the heart, lungs, kidneys etc.


  • Prevention and treatment of vitamin A deficiencies
  • adjuvant in treatment of anemia
  • chronic diarrhea syndromes
  • respiratory tract infections
  • xerophthalmia
  • Skin diseases


RDA, Described as retinol activity equivalent (RAE)  1 RAE = Retinol 1 mcg

Males: 900 mcg/day (3000 U/day)


  • 700 mcg/day (2330 U/day)
  • >18 years pregnant: 750-770 mcg/day (2500-2600 U/day)
  • >18 years breastfeeding: 1300 mcg RAE (4330 U)

Upper Intake Levels

>18 years: 3000 mcg/day RAE (10,000 U)

Pregnancy: 3000 mcg/day RAE (10,000 U)

Lactation: 3000 mcg/day RAE (10,000 U)

Vitamin A Deficiency

Malabsorption or oral administration not feasible: 100,000 U/day IM for 3 days; then 50,000 U/day for 2 weeks; follow with oral therapy.

Oral therapy: Take oral therapeutic multivitamin containing 10,000-20,000 U/day vitamin A for 2 months

Deficiency prophylaxis: 10,000-50,000 U PO qDay


Recommended dose except for females of reproductive age: 200,000 units PO qDay for 2 days; repeat dose again after 2 weeks

Females of reproductive age with night blindness or Bitot’s spots: 5000-10,000 units/day; 10,000 units/day maximum or ≤25,000 units once weekly for ≥4 weeks

Bronchopulmonary Dysplasia (Orphan)

Orphan designation of vitamin A palmitate for prevention of bronchopulmonary dysplasia


1 soft gel capsule (10,000 IU Vitamin A) a day with meal for 15 days. The treatment is repeated every 15 days, until normal liver reserves are restored. In order to avoid chronic intoxication, the treatment should not be extended for more than 2 months.


Keep dry at normal room temperature below 30°C away from direct light. Keep out of reach of children.

Supplement Fact

Each Softgel Capsule Contains:  Vitamin A (Retinol)  10,000 IU

Other Ingredients:  Soft gelatin (Purified Water, Gelatin, Glycerin), Vegetable Oil.