Derresthetic UK is pleased to launch its operations in Pakistan, as an innovative concept of Health Care, goes beyond the resolution of symptoms and aims to prevent disease and regulate the natural balance of the body, improving physical, emotional & mental wellbeing.
We believe we can make a difference only by thinking yonder the obvious. We always consider new paths so as to bring true value to the healthcare community, patients, and their families.


Our vision is to be recognized as a leading company at the fore front  of the care for patients with unmet and needed medical and cosmetic needs .We are committed to develop healthcare products and transforming the lives of patients through effective and innovative products.


Our mission is to develop first –in-class products that optimize health outcomes and improves patient’s quality of life. This is carried out through advancement of new products; commercialize products in the emerging markets through strategic alliances and collaborations with other pharmaceutical companies. This is all to be done to maximize significant medical and commercial potential.


Pharmaceutical Experience - 30 years
Skin Care Products provider- 25 years
Dermatologists Consultant - 20 years
Customer Satisfaction 100%


Welcome to Derresthetic, a respected, ambitious, successful pharmaceutical company, known as a leading Company providing Skin+Hair+ Mother Care related Products in several countries.

I want to appreciate every one of you for being part of this Derresthetic family. I admire your exceptional work, dedication & devotion, which have been an essential component of Derresthetic growth and achievements.

Ten years of serving in a pharmaceutical sector, that is continually and the quickly growing era of the company signifies achievements & massive progress that I am expressly proud of – we are honored to be here with strong values of development and high-quality products for customers.
We are devoted to providing quality meeting, value-added products to our clients. We will do our best to remain to suffice the expectations of our All stakeholders & Customers to growing our businesses in such a way as to produce economic and environmental value.

We thank you for your assistance and look forward to working together for a brighter future. There is still more to be achieved and I see we will be ranked up with many achievements and great successes.

Khwaja Shahzaib Akram

Ceo Derresthetic Int’l Pakistan

Mr. Aasim S Mullick

Mr. Aasim S Mullick has taken over as the Chief Operating Officer, COO of new venture DERRESTHETIC Int’l. He is backed by a very successful pharmaceutical professional career   with a number of Successful product launches to his name. Mr. Aasim S Mullick  has more than 25 years’ experience in business planning and execution for  pharmaceutical  companies ranging in size from local to multinational companies. He has a lion share in the success of Pharma Health Pakistan Pvt Ltd where he served as the head of Marketing. There he was focused on the business strategy, product development efforts and capitalization of the company. He earlier held multiple sales, marketing and operational roles. He has also managed the Human resource departments through his vast experience along with his dedicated contributions in the field of sales and marketing.

Mr. Aasim S Mullick has a vast experience on the field of pharmaceuticals with special focus on Gynaecology, dermatology and Cosmetology as well as aesthetics. He has very strong relations with the eminent professionals and budding customers. It is due to his strong relations with Professionals, he has been associated with large pool of customers in different manners so as to improve the business outcomes.


Mr. Aasim S Mullick has done his Double Master’s in Business Administration from Institute of Business Administration, Punjab University Lahore with Majors in Marketing and Human Resource Management. He has been a keynote speaker at various forums where he addresses Human behavior excellence. He is a member of The Marketing Association of Pakistan. He has also served as the Vice President of Alumni executive counsel of Institute of Business Administration Lahore, IBA. He has been Chairman of Standing Committee of Training and Talent Development, Lahore Chamber of Commerce and Industry, LCCI. He has arranged a number of conferences on Youth development and career counseling etc. He has also arranged LCCI JOB FAIRs recently. Despite all his official and social activities, he is also been an anchorperson and has been hosting a number of events in the city. He has been writing in different magazines of repute on general sales related topics.


Mr. Aasim S. Mullick has been a pleasant personality with his versatile ability to mix up with a number of people from different walks of life. He has been a soft looking personality with a strong commitment to the objectives he has set for his life in his professional career. His vast experience in multiple fields has boosted his image as the multi-talented professional with the ability to manage difficult tasks at great ease. He has the unique quality to make people realize the organizational needs and the professional objectives.

In his current assignment, he has worked day n night to develop the range of product with an international view of quality and innovation. His selection of quality pharmaceuticals has given a cutting edge benefit to the organization. The company is in its operational mode now and going places to make a mark of “MAKING LIFE LITE”.

Mr. Aasim S Mullick

COO of new venture DERRESTHETIC Int’l